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What type of pressure washer do I need?  Gas or electric?

It all depends on how often you plan to use it and what you plan to use it on.  Gas pressure washers are definitely the choice if you have some heavy work to do.  This includes removing a lot of paint, working on large areas of pavement, or stripping off extreme dirt.   In this case, you will have to decide if it is worth it to rent one from your local Home Depot type store, or buy one.  If you only have one job to do and would rarely use it afterwards, renting may be the way to go.  If you plan to use itmultiple times, buying certainly can save money.

The problem with a gas unit is that they need to be maintained.  After some use, there can be oil to change, gas to refill and condition, etc.  But what if you only have some small cleanup jobs and you want something stronger then the pressure from your hose.  In that case, an electric pressure washer can be a great asset.  There is virtually no maintenance and they cost significantly less.  

Which one is THE BEST?

There are a lot of options  in electric pressure washers but there is one that we recommend as having THE BEST combination of value and performance, and that is the Sun Joe SPX3000.  We have tested this unit extensively and find it to offer great pressure for an electric washer, along with nice flexibility with all of the different nozzles it offers.  These help you to adjust your pressure based on the type of job you are doing.  The quality of the nozzles is very impressive along with the ease of putting them on.  Price wise, this unit is hard to beat.  Some sites list it from between $150-$175 but many times the top sites (Home Depot, Amazong) will have it for $129.  There are times when it has even been a few dollars cheaper.  If we see that, we will post it here!

There is a newer unit, the SPX3001.  The main difference is that it has a better hose reel.  But the price is closer to $200 so it certainly is not worth it.

Some extra part you may need

Some online reviewers talk about the garden hose connector being a weak point of this machine.  It comes with a plastic adapter which can leak.  Some people  were able to email the company and have them send a brass one.  But then people have had problems with that piece as well.  If you experience this problem as we did in our test unit, there is an easy fix.  

You need to get this adapter  AND use 2 of the small round rubber gaskets used in hoses.  You can find these at Amazon, links below.  Using 2 adapters instead of 1 gives it a good seal.

The nozzles that come with this unit offer a lot of spray optionsy.  You can add this turbo nozzle to give you even more power and easier cleaning.

Have any questions?  Contact us!