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A friend or family member just found out they will be new parents! What should you get them?  You could wait for their registry, or get them what everyone else gets them, another outfit, a box of diapers, a toy to go in the pile, etc.  OR that one gift that is really what new parents need:  PEACE OF MIND and SLEEP

What prevents sleep for new parents?  Worrying about whether the baby is okay, breathing, sleeping, etc.  SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is known to be the top worry for new parents.  And because of that, most parents never relax fully at night to get a good night sleep.  Instead they constantly check the new baby, listen for breathing, worrying about them.  A baby monitor can help, but then you have to stay up all night watching the picture, or listening to the baby.  There is a product that has been out a long time, which will watch your baby for you!

It is a motion detecting baby monitor from a company called Angelcare.  Here is how it works: If this monitor does not detect any movement from the baby for a few seconds, it sounds an alarm.  That alarm is the key.  

It gives the parents peace of mind knowing their baby is being watched.  This peace of mind works wonders for new parents to relax and get some sleep.  There are many stories on the web talking about how parents believed this device could have saved their babies life.  You can read them for yourself. For our experience though, this is the gift that you can give for which the parents will be thanking you many times over when they use it.  

When they are registering for a baby monitor, they don’t realize how important this peace of mind will be.  But trust us, once they realize it after the fact, they will thank you.  It does have its faults, there can be some false alarms.  But they are rare and certainly worth it for the benefits.  And if for some reason someone doesn’t like the motion part, or is having problems, it can be shut off and used as a traditional sound monitor.  

The benefit to the baby seems obvious with his device but the other priceless part is the peace of mind for the parents which can result in much more relaxed sleep, knowing the baby is being watched through this sensor.

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