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What does this show?  These numbers represent the total cars available at a sampling of dealers on both the East and West coast of the US on the specified date.  It does not include all dealers but has enough cars to represent a significant portion of the total country.  It then takes the difference between the dates and calculates the % change.

What do I use this for?  One of the big factors in determining the price that a dealer is willing to sell at is supply.  Once supply gets low or is quickly decreasing, a dealer may be less likely to deal.  You can see how quickly the 2017 inventory is increasing compared to how the 2016 inventory levels are holding.  Knowing the inventory trends can help you determine if your time is running out or if you can wait longer.  It is very useful when you are looking to purchase a prior year model.

Current Analysis July 2

2016 Accord: There aren’t many left but if you can find a dealer with one you might be able to get a great deal.   Inventory has actually increased slightly as Honda is most likely clearing out the channels. The 2018 Accord will be revealed later this month.  It will be a brand new design.  We are a few months away from them hitting dealer lots.

2016 Civic: There aren’t many left but if you can find a dealer with one you might be able to get a great deal.  There are plenty of 2017s around so dealers will be aggressive getting rid of the 2016s.
2016 CRV: The 2017s are a brand new design.  Inventory levels have increased and there are now plenty around.  There aren’t a lot of 2016s left but if you can find a dealer with a few you can get a great deal.  You still should price a 2017 and see if the difference justifies passing on a brand new design.  The 2017s are a nice upgrade.
2016 Pilot: Good luck trying to find one although we have seen a slight increase in the inventory levels.  Iff you are flexible on that you might be able to get a huge discount especially since there are more 2017s around now.
2016 Odyssey:  2016s are just about gone.  Honda released info on the 2018s, it will be a complete redesign hitting lots now.  There are still some 2016s and also 2017s so deals can be had.   

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