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They want HOW MUCH just for cable tv?  Cut my bill!

Option 1:  You don’t want to change what you have now, you just want a lower rate.  If you are no longer on a new customer promotion price, you have a good chance of getting a discount.  Here is what you do.

The retention department at your cable company is the group that has the ability to give you a discount.  Regular customer service does not.  Call up your service provider and choose the option for the cancellation department.  Usually you get to this option by saying you want to cancel.  

Tell them that you are very happy with the service but you simply can’t afford the bill anymore.  Say that your spouse(or other family member) wants to swtich to a competitor (DirectTV, Dish, FIOS).  Make it clear that the other person did all the homework on fees, contracts, equipment, etc and it is well worth it to switch.  But stress that you do not want to switch and are very happy with the service.  Politely ask if they can review your bill and see if there is anything they can do on the price or any promotions available.  If they do not offer you anything, tell them you want to put the order in to cancel at the end of the week, or pick a period at least a few days out.  This way they aren’t actually canceling anything at that moment.  At worst, they don’t offer you anything and they go ahead and put the order in to cancel your service.  The next day you can always call them up and have them cancel the service order.  You could try this again at a later date with the hopes of getting someone who will give you a deal.

Option 2: Cut the cord!!  In this example, you will save a lot more money by giving up cable.  You call up your cable provider and tell them you want to cancel and just keep internet.  Average price for internet tends to be $50/month.  For local tv programming you can hook up an antenna go your HDTV.

This isn’t like the old days with antennas.  Today there is a large selection of HD local channels broadcast for free.  Believe it or not, the quality of these channels is better than your cable provider since the signal is not compressed as it is with cable.  We then recommend you get one of the following 2 devices to stream content from services such as Hulu, Amazon and Netflix.  Google Chromecast: For about $35 you get a small device that plugs into your tv and provides many different options to stream content to your tv.  Click the left picture for more details.  You cannot get Amazon Instant Videos on this device however.  An alternate device which can view that is the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Finally, for phone service, check out the Ooma.  This allows almost free monthly phone service (outside of a few dollars for local taxes and fees) through your internet connect.  It is very similar to the phone service provided by the cable companies, without the higher monthly fees.  You can port over your existing number.

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