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Why is the cord always getting in the way!

A cordless tool system: On the surface this may seem like something you would say you don’t need.  That may be true but it can also be the one thing you say that you had no idea how nice it really is until you have one.  A cordless tool system is one that allows you to use the same battery in a whole assortment of tools.  Just take the battery out of one, put it in the other, and you have some serious convenience.  It is in the past few years that advancements in battery technology have made these systems really useful.  The major stores carry many varieties of these systems, and most get favorable reviews.  However you are coming to this website to find out which one is THE BEST.  Which means it offers the best value:  a combination of good quality and performance along with an affordable price in the segment.  

After a lot of research and based on our own testing, we feel that THE BEST is the Ryobi tool system which is offered at Home Depot.  Their newer Lithium Ion batteries produce extremely long run time with quick, easy charging. The variety of tools they offer is very extensive.  And the quality of the tools we have tested has been very good.  This systems contains some nice additions that aren’t in some of the other systems.  Here are some of the products we have tested and how we use the system:

1) The cordless handheld vacuums work great in a bathroom cabinet or a closet.  You can take these out at anytime for a quick cleanup.  You will quickly find how easy these are to grab for a spot clean.  We generally keep the batteries in these vacuums so they are ready to use.  

2) An assortment of the flashlights are good to keep around the house.  These provide a good amount of light for the sudden power failure as well as those times when you just need a spotlight.  

3) The air inflator works great to keep your car tires at the right pressure and can also be used to inflate pool toys, bike tires, etc.

4) Lawn tools: The grass trimmer/edger, blower and hedge trimmer all have nice power and performance..

5) Household tools: Drills, saws, etc all have performed very well.

As you can see by this list, the range of tools is extensive.  What is really nice is that for the most part you don’t use these tools at the same time.  For example if you want to inflate your car tires, simply grab one of the batteries from a vacuum and inflate the tires.  Same thing goes for the lawn tools. Grabbing 2 batteries easily can cover an average size lawn.  

The other huge benefit is that the batteries charge up real quick, about 30 minutes depending on how much charge they need.  With that short a time, you can start using one and then have another one already charged by the time that one runs out.  We have used other systems where it can take a few hours to charge the battery.  If you are about to start a project but do not have any charged batteries with a system like that, you are out of luck.  Finally, the top batteries offered by Ryobi have a battery meter on them.  You just tap the button and it tells you how much the battery has in it.  This has turned out to be a huge feature to manage your batteries.

When you put it all together, a few batteries go a long way in all these systems.  The higher performance batteries are more expensive but the investment is well worth it.  

Click here to see the ryobi website for more information about their tools.

Click here to see all of the Ryobi One+ tools offered by Home Depot.

If you are first starting out with this system we recommend you purchase one of the multiple tool sets.  These usually come with a charger and a battery or two.  They offer great value as opposed to purchasing pieces separately.  Home Depot runs sales on these from time to time.  


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