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A little known secret for buying a Dell computer online at great prices

Unless you read a lot of shopping sites, you would not know that Dell computer has an online outlet where you can get great prices for computers.  We have done this may times and have always been extremely happy with the purchase and the deal we got.  Here is how it works:

Dell uses their online outlet to sell computers in 3 categories:  

1) Refurbished-someone bought a computer and decided they did not want it for any reason or a computer with a problem that needed to have a part replaced. Dell has a very generous return and cancellation policy which allows for a good number of these types

2) Scratch and Dent-If a computer has any marks on it, even if it is brand new, they cannot sell it as new.  So it fits this category

3) Outlet New: Pre configured computers that are either overstock or possibly a canceled order.  These are brand new.

All of these computers carry the same Dell warranty that brand new units have.  And they also have a generous return policy.  If you decide you do not want it, send it back for a refund.  

We have purchased both refurbished and Scratch and Dent computers.  Since Dell replaces and parts that are faulty, we have never had any issue with a refurbished unit, they are as good as new.  The only difference is a sticker on the bottom saying it is refurbished. These machines go through extensive testing before they are resold.  They are probably tested better than new units.  

The Scratch and Dent computers we purchased have been equally great.  On each unit we had to search hard to find what was considered the scratch or dent.  In all cases it was very hard to see any marks on it.  For our purposes, we certainly don’t look that close at our computer.   We contribute plenty of other marks on our computers!

These computers already cost less than if you bought it new.  The only downfall is that you can’t configure them.  But there are so many choices in the outlet, you should have no problem finding the setup you like.  But here is why these are great: Dell frequently offers 25-30% off coupon codes on all of these machines.  Usually this deal happens at least once a month and can last for a week.  They also periodically have other sales on the site.  These sales allow you to get a great deal.  And here is one more secret:

Dell has a consumer computer line and also a “Small Business” line.  The consumer computers are the ones you will see in the stores and on their main site.  The small business computers are sold mostly to corporations.  These are the ones you are probably using if you have a Dell computer at work.  These computers have better warranty's and are built to be more durable.  Many have spill proof keyboards, shock proof hard drives, and 3 year on-site warranties.  Dell will actually come to your house to fix the computer.  They lack some of the more consumer features:  different color covers, super high resolution screens, top level speakers, etc.  Recently we have bought more of these simply because we like the durability.  But it depends on your need.  The secret here is that most believe you have to be a corporation to buy these computers.  That simply is not true.  The only difference is that Dell asks your company name when you purchase the computer.  You can  put your name as your company name, or makeup anything.  They don’t care who buys these computers, they just want to distinguish these from their consumer level computers.  

Here is an example of a recent purchase of ours:  We found a laptop that was  “on sale” new for $749 on the main Dell website.  This was the sale price after a big promotion they were running.  We got the same computer as a “scratch and dent” for $410 after a 25% discount from the Dell outlet.  The only scratch we could find was on the outside cover in the corner.  At first glance when finding this, we laughed at the savings for this barely noticeable cosmetic defect!

Click here for the Dell Home Outlet

1) Link directly to laptop/tablet inventory   2) Link directly to desktop inventory  3) Coupons Link

Click here for the Dell Business Outlet

1) Link directly to laptop/tablet inventory   2) Link directly to desktop inventory  3) Coupons Link

The key to purchasing at either one of these outlets is to have a promo code.  Most of the coupons you can find on the deals section in either outlet (linked above).  If there are special coupon codes not published on their site, we will post them here for you!  Computers do go quick on their website so if you see what you like, you should act fast.  

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