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Avoid getting ripped off on car repairs for that “cabin filter”

One of the biggest rip-offs in car repairs is the cabin filter replacement.  This is a huge profit for repair centers as it takes a few minutes to replace and costs a few dollars in parts.  Yet charges for this can range from $80-$100+ every 12-18 months.  When you bring your car for service, they will tell you the filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.  Since it filters the air you breathe in the car, you feel a sense of urgency to avoid breathing dirty air.  

This filter in many cars is actually very easy to replace.  In most cases it is behind the glove box.  You simply go to Youtube, type in “replace cabin filter” and the year/make/model of your car and you will find many videos to watch.  If you are comfortable with the process, go to Amazon and order a replacement.  Here is a link to filter sections.  The prices range from $8-$14 for many popular cars.  You can also get one from your local auto parts stores.

Here is an Amazon link where you simply pick your vehicle  year/type and it will show you filters

We tested this out on a Honda Accord,  a Honda Odyssey and a Toyota Camry.  Dealers wanted $99 to replace this.  We went on and got the replacement filter for $8.  The price varies but generally are between $8-$12.  Here is a link to one after-market filter we bought.  

You can also go to various websites and pay more for an “OEM” filter.  These however tend to be the same filter with just the manufacturers name slapped on it.  They may be in the $20-$30 range, still a significant savings.

Honda Odyssey

A quick Youtube search brought up this video.  The video was very easy to follow, took us about 5 minutes, and the new filter was in.  The Odyseey involved simply removing a cover for the door arm, snapping it out, and snapping out 2 door holders.  This allowed the glove box door to fold down. Right behind it was the filter.  We simply slid out the drawer, pulled out the old filter, popped in the new one and reversed everything.  Very easy and we just saved about $90!

Amazon link to the filter we purchased for $8.86

Youtube link for a 2 minute video showing how easy this is to do

Honda Accord

It was even easier on the Accord as the glove box did not even require as much effort as the Odyssey.  Again we simply found a Youtube video, followed the steps, put in the filter and we were done.

Youtube link to a video

Toyota Camry

The Camry was just as easy as the Accord.  A video on Youtube showed the process, it took us 4 minutes in total!

Youtube link to a video

Enjoy your savings!

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