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Welcome to Tell Me The Best!  This website was created to share some great tips and tricks with our users without making them invest a lot of time.  And without making them subscribe or register for anything.  

The internet has a wealth of information.  The only problem is that it takes a big time investment to learn it all.  And we are all busy and do not have that time.  As the internet evolves, it is becoming harder to distinguish today between good advice and good advertising.  

This website offers a lot of advice on buying a car, because this is one of the most challenging items to buy.  We also have a section loaded with practical everyday advice.  Things on how to fix your grill, to buying a computer, and saving money on your cable bill.

We believe knowledge is key.  More and more companies are trying hard to confuse people in order to make more profit.   

We are here to help you through all of this and reveal the real tricks and tips to avoid that.  

Our website design is a very simple one.  At first we were going with a very professional looking design with fancy videos and menus.  But anyone can do that with the long list of tools available today.  We instead chose to focus on the content and make it simple, easy to read, and not overwhelm the users with a a fancy design.  Text with a few pictures thrown in and a couple of different colors.  One of the bests examples a simple design is  the popular website Craigslist.  How can a website that is made up of only a bunch of text with a design that hasn’t changed since the start be so popular?  The answer is simply, it provides the content people want instead of all the fancy stuff they do not need.     

This website is new and growing/improving each day.  Please help us spread the word by liking us on Facebook and sharing our web address.  Please also send us an email and give us your comments, we enjoy hearing from our users!    

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